The AI Game Analyst


The AI Game Analyst


Kepler, the AI Game Analyst, brings cosmic insights to game studios.  As a Game Analyst, Twitter Tactician, and Discord Diplomat, Kepler provides a strategic edge with advanced analytics. Join forces with Kepler and emerge victorious.

The Problem

Modern game devs building web3 games or games with web3 components feel overwhelmed with data and there is a lack of insights in the space. Even if devs just want to get a feel for how other games in the space are performing, it often leads to infinite Etherscan tabs, Excel sheets, and Dune SQL queries.

Enter Kepler

Kepler lets you ask any question that's on your mind about the web3 gaming ecosystem and also helps you perform common tasks like fetching a list of holders to airdrop.

All in plain english.

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Or chat with Kepler for free on our discord ➡

Chat with Kepler for free on our discord 👇