Founding Team

We are Agave
Isaac Dubuque, Co-Founder & CEO
Isaac Dubuque
Co-Founder & CEO
Ex-Qualcomm Software Engineer with years of blockchain development experience. First started programming from an interest in game development. Technical background in computer engineering at the University of Michigan with a focus on probabilistic robotics and machine learning.
Nicolas Ramirez-Icaza, Co-Founder & CTO
Nicolas Ramirez-Icaza
Co-Founder & CTO
Former Quant with a passion for data analytics and years of experience building Ethereum protocols. Product-oriented and data-driven, previously led sports-prediction app to 30k users. Technical background in data and analytics, founded the Quantitive Investment Society while at the University of Michigan.
Backed by Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, NYC's leading tech accelerator

About Us

Our Background

We (Nico and Isaac) were roommates at the University of Michigan and have been blockchain enthusiasts and builders for years. During our previous venture building Verilink, the tech stack and framework for linking physical items to the blockchain, we experienced the difficulties in building Web3 consumer products. We realized there was a lack of tooling to understand user behavior and engagement with Web3 consumer products. Starting with pre-launch market data to comprehend market segmentation and plan the product strategy, to post-launch user behavior to improve the product. In the case of decentralized products, user activity occurs on the blockchain rather than within a website, outside the realm of traditional analytics. This critical user data is publicly available on the blockchain, but difficult to collect, explore, and visualize. For Web3 products that are dependent on consistent user engagement, this data is extremely important for planning, executing, and evaluating. This insight, Isaac's passion for gaming, and Nico's passion for data analytics led us to Agave.

Why Agave is Needed

Agave supports the entire lifecycle of Web3 games. Web3 games create entire micro-economies on the blockchain with user activity from buying, selling, trading, renting, staking, and more. Gaming on the blockchain introduced new player archetypes with F2P Players, Capital Providers, and Paid Players. All the existing analytics tools either simply display blockchain data without offering further understanding of the data, or they focus on trading activity. Agave's focus is on the user behavior, because it is the user behavior that drives the success of the game - not the daily price of the NFT.

In the pre-launch, our insights are critical for making informed decisions for understanding the target audience and ecosystem, planning marketing and monetization strategies, and guiding development decisions. In the post-launch, our insights provide the feedback loop to iterate on both gameplay and business decisions.

Our Mission

We believe the blockchain will power gaming and metaverses in the future. Each of these games and metaverses will have a micro-economy with a transaction tax as its primary method of revenue generation. This will drive value and economic growth into the decentralized economy.

By enabling Web3 games to utilize on-chain, data-driven insights to better understand player behavior and improve gameplay, our mission is to promote the future of user focused experience on the blockchain.