Growth and Product Insights for Web3 Games

Save your analytics team from countless Dune queries and Excel sheets as you supercharge growth and understand your users' profiles with data-driven insights.

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On-chain analytics are hard
But understanding users is critical

Countless Dune queries, getting lost in Etherscan, and merging off-chain data are just some of the challenges faced on your quest to understand your users’ behavior.

And you’ll need to level up your analytics team with countless time and resources before even attempting the  boss battle of metrics like ARPU and LTV

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We help you make data-driven decisions before and after launch

Choose the communities to partner with that ensure growth

Understand your users’ journey and predict tokenomic trends

Create a more engaging and fulfilling user experience

Target the right monetization profile when setting pricing

Pre-launch & Post Launch:

Supercharge growth with
Big 🧠 Collaborations


Choose a demographic you’re interested in

Narrow your demographic to find users most likely to stick around and add value to your community


Evaluate projects to forge collaborations with 🤝

The projects and collections most relevant to your target demographic float to the top of the list


Track your collab’s performance 📈

Immediately see the impact of your collaboration by tracking a variety of KPIs for the newly acquired cohort of users

Post-Launch Projects:

Monitor your game economy and user-monetization with our Powerful BI Dashboard 📊

Analyze cohorts of users from on and off-chain data

Depending on your business context, define highly specific cohorts to analyze.

You can even analyze competitors’ cohorts!

Explore cohorts’ user journeys through the on-chain ecosystem

Deep insights into your user journey let you monitor your game economy and find friction points as your users move assets on the blockchain.

Dive into the monetization profiles of the users in cohorts

Examine actionable insights such as users’ native token balances, number of NFTs held, liquidity, and much more

Stop guessing and start progressing.

Improving your game’s user experience shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With Agave you can:


Create a rich user profile with deeper analytics and blockchain insights.


Determine the best KPIs to keep users coming back.


Build more profitable games that are better for players.

The future of web3 gaming is about to change.

Be on the cutting edge by developing better games that stay focused on the user, are more fun to play, and bring exceptional value to the entire gaming experience.

Forge the future of tomorrow by understanding more today.