Finally, User Insights for a Better Web3 Gaming Experience

Keep users happy with Agave’s intuitive blockchain insights engine
that drives retention and improves engagement.

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Lead the way in a new frontier.

Create better web3 games that focus on the user and up the fun factor.
No more relying on incomplete data from incompatible analytic tools. With Agave’s blockchain insight engine, you can develop games that people love and want to keep playing.

More usable insights.
One dashboard.

Understand users and predict trends with data-driven information.

Build trustworthy and personalized consumer connections.

Create a more engaging and fulfilling user experience.

Hone in on the right incentives.

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Stop guessing and start progressing.

Improving your game’s user experience shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With Agave you can:


Create a rich user profile with deeper analytics and blockchain insights.


Determine the best KPIs to keep users coming back.


Build more profitable games that are better for players.

The future of web3 gaming is about to change.

Be on the cutting edge by developing better games that stay focused on the user, are more fun to play, and bring exceptional value to the entire gaming experience.

Forge the future of tomorrow by understanding more today.